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The Dark Knight Rises DVD Cover by Mike1306

This DVD case is really professional and gives the one feel of the film: darkness. If I saw this in a shop, I'd walk straight over and pick it up. The composition on the front cover - three characters stood in a way to make the Batman look more fearsome and stand out from the rest of the cover, despite the black-on-black. The way the light glows from the title gives an eerie shadow over the characters on the cover, casting shadows, dark and light in pools over the subjects. Even the poses of the characters are strong, different and eye-catching. It gives the sense of a bold leader. The emotions this artwork portrays are all about fear, but courage and will. It feels static as if electricity is contained behind it and roars to be released, and threatens to jump into the face of whoever may be there. Overall, very impressive and keep up the good work! :D
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